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Rear View Camera Alpine HCE-C1000D

Rear View Camera Alpine HCE-C1000D with HDR Technology will give you safer and more comfortable driving experience.

Nowaday, camera for car market is divided into many kinds such as rear view, topview, side view, multi view, etc. This post will introduce you one of the most best sellers of Alpine camera, built-in HDR Technology giving you clear view and safer feeling.

camera xe hoi Alpine
Rear view camera Alpine HCE-C1000D comes with true high resolution performance with ultra-low distortion, so the rear view you see looks much more real. It automatically activates when reversing and also mutes the audio so you can hear the parking sensor signals. HDR Technology ensures best vision at night.

Some highlight points of HCE-C1000D:

1. More visible image at night.
Clearly see objects at night when reversing.
camera xe hoi Alpine

2. Easy to park in limited place.
Rear view camera displays the camera guidelines measured by the actual vehicle for each vehicle model. 2m. 1m. 0,5m. will be showned as a distance guideline that you can park easily even in limited place.
camera xe hoi Alpine

For more details of product's feature, please kindly refer the website:


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