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DVD Alpine X008EU

The 8 inch display provides an eye-opening 43% larger screen size than a 7 inch display, 1.15 million pixels produce increibly sharp, beautifully clear images. With DVD X008EU, movies, videos, everything is more fun to watch. The driver also has a better view of navigation map details, even small street names are easier to read. This makes driving more relaxing and safer.

Nowaday, smartphone demand is increasing more and more. Beside that, in-car entertainment related to smartphones is getting more interest. HDMI and MHL (Mobile HIgh-definition Link) provide easy, direct connection of smartphones for playback of high quality audio and video. HDMI uses a single cable to provide high speed, top quality signal transmission. This gives you a big advantage for connecting a smartphone and makes the entertainment system easier to connect, control and upgrade.

Tunelt application version 2.1 provides a wide range of custom sound tuning features right from a smartphone. Users can upload their sound settings to the Alpine Cloud Server to share them with other Alpine fans and see their settings also. The app also integrates with Facebook, giving notification of new messages, images, and lets the user respond with Text-to-Speech Function while he still focus on his driving.

One more special function of DVD X008EU is Bass Engine SQ. The Bass button next to the central control knob takes you directly to Alpine's advanced bass level adjustment function. As you choose one of the six levels, it automatically adjusts frequency cutoff, Q factor and subwoofer level for optimem sound quality. Unlike normal bass adjustments, it also sets the best midrange and treble levels to maintain total sound balance. You can also set five preset levels for quick selection, then do fine-tuning within each preset.

DVD Alpine X008EU comes along with Perfect Kits that give you an easy, great-looking installation in the car.

DVD xe hoi Alpine X008EU

DVD xe hoi Alpine X008EU

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